Breaking Satoshi


Below are the episodes from the irregular big-block Bitcoin show by Deryk Makgill (Breaking Satoshi), Steve Patterson, Isaac Morehouse and T.K. Coleman.

We’re all friends and just want to see a version of big-block Bitcoin scale for the world, so the conversations are friendly, funny and drama free.

Scaling, Funding, and Patents in Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV

What Does 2020 Mean for Bitcoin Cash and BitcoinSV?

Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV: The Good, the Bad, and the Weird

Which Coin Has a Brighter Future: Bitcoin Cash or BitcoinSV?

From our listeners…

These are some of my favorite conversations in the Bitcoin world. Would love to see more soon.

I love this show. The only people that keep real without the shity hate . You guys actually act like adults thank you!

Great talk. Please keep doing these. You guys have a good thing going here.

Good to hear some grown up talk by some younger guys.

This is brilliant guys! Mature and intelligent discussion. Educational for newcomers too. So needed in this crypto space.

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